Dining and Open Evenings

After every Regular Meeting the Lodge dines in the Library - albeit one without very many books - at the London Charterhouse, once the monastic refectory and later Gownboy Hall, where members and their guests enjoy an excellent and truly memorable experience.  It is a pleasure to welcome non-masons and prospective members along to some of these events so if you are interested in finding out more by meeting us like this, please let our secretary know.

We traditionally offer a pre-prandial glass (or two …) of a decent champagne (e.g. Heidsieck, Feuillate, de Telmont etc.), prosecco, or sherry (manzanilla or otherwise) before stewarding our guests towards a sumptuous feast of three to four courses prepared by the resident chef, accompanied by fine wines, ports and liqueurs from the Lodge’s own cellar. 

Here’s a taster of just 10 of the excellent menus enjoyed by our guests over the last few years, before they take their coffee and nibble on some petit fours …

No CDDD Lodge dining experience would however be complete without the spirited offer of Port, Armagnac and, of course, Chartreuse (Green and Yellow) – as brewed on the premises since time immemorial!  And for those that choose, a pinch of Gunpowder or two from Chief Petty Officer Dolby’s inexhaustible supply!